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Helping you win with IT.

MeerKathe – Birth of an Icon
20 years ago and the corporate computing world was a very different place, with offices dominated by large mainframe systems. However, change was in the air as personal computing gave businesses new tools to empower individuals. Bridging the gap was difficult, but two decades on and MeerKathe has perfected the art of assisting its clients in adjusting to the rapid, often complicated, evolution of technologies.

Road to Maturity
MeerKathe started by helping to train and assist PC users. As it grew, MeerKathe edited many French and English learning aides and manuals, and also participated in developing many innovative management systems (Enterprise Resource Programs – ERP).

MeerKathe continued to provide a key role in a wide range of projects, from designing security installations and telecommunications setups, to automation systems in America, Africa and the Middle East.

Technological integration would be the future of the modern enterprise, something MeerKathe understood from the beginning. Not only for reasons of efficiency and productivity, but also to improve the bottom line.

On returning home to Switzerland, MeerKathe, full of worldly experience, offered its clients “packaged solutions” that were simple and effective. However, MeerKathe’s vision outpaced existing technologies. Happily, the arrival of widely adaptable information technologies converged with MeerKathe’s energetic young adulthood, and the company could now offer integrated, innovative and cost-efficient solutions.

Today, MeerKathe, at its intellectual zenith, is eager to share its knowledge and experience with you to offer a unique and unrivaled service in a broad range of corporate and business environments.

Meet the founder

Mr. MeerKathe | Founder & Director

MeerKathe was born in Switzerland at the beginning of the 90s and has a long history in the field of corporate management and information technology. MeerKathe was quick to show his clients how to simplify complex technological concepts and make them easily accessible for all end-users, thus helping them to shed their “mainframe” mentality and boldly enter the new world of personal computing.